Randy Santel Takes On All 3 Cantina Challenges

Tuesday, 6 June, 2017

Here is what Randy had to say to his Facebook followers:

Last night I barely completed the toughest challenge I've beaten in a very long time. Each of the three items pictured is a "pay-to-play" challenge by themselves at Cantina, West Leagues Club. in Newcastle, NSW. A 1.2 kg Big Ass Burrito, a 1.5 kg Bad ass Burrito, and a 1.2 kg Big Ass Chocolate Nachos dessert. I was challenged to be the first to finish all 3 in one sitting. The chocolate nachos was about 1 kg of mousse mixed with ice cream, creating a rich texture that was a struggle to finish, after eating both burritos. I finished in 44:17. One more bite and I would have gotten sick haha. I got win #3 in Australia in front of a big crowd and overall win #488. I got the $120 meal free and I'll be featured on their Pillar of Fame!! #struggle #foodchallenge #manvsfood #challenge #newcastle #australia #cantina #wow